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Internal solution to monitor daily file processing

Equals - Monitoring Dashboard

First Impressions

The goal was to develop a product that would help the operations team routine by contributing intelligent information and short ways to solve complex problems.

The Ops Monitor had an early version developed a long time ago, even before I was on Equals. And that was his first look:


After a long time studying the redesign and understanding what problems we could solve in this product, became the first wireframe.

This moment was very important, because we got closer to the operation team to understand the pain deeply of all the necessary steps to make the service keep running.


Once our ideas were validated, I came to Sketch to start the magic! I chose dark UI to preserve healthiness of our team member’s eyes and to set it more comfortable to work during all day with. This was the result:


One of the great things about this product was the opportunity to work really close to the engineering team with the possibility to test new technologies, like React, and implement a loyal style guide.


When we finished the initial version, it was very motivating to see it online. Several compliments were made and many colleagues liked the result.

But the main point was how much this has demonstrated pockets of possible improvement in our process. So everything made sense and continuous improvement has helped the team to reallocate hours of work during the day on other tasks.