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The solution to help the Brazilian entrepreneur to take care of its financial management with multiple means of payment

Raio-X - Smart financial management


Raio-x is a solution developed by Equals inside the StoneCo ecosystem. It consists of an intelligent way to see your financial data, providing insights and bringing safety to your business. There are two ways to use the product: one is digital, by App and the other one, for older personas, is a dashboard paper.

Before starting I want to say that there are a lot of professionals envolved and I wasn’t the only designer to work in it, but nowadays I’m the one who take care of all the design evolutions, participating from business validations to usability testing, on both solutions: paper and app!


This product is recent and we are studying good ways to improve many things. Most of our actions are results of long researches and field interview to understand the routines of those entrepreneurs who will use it.

I think the best of being a part of this is the cause, to help people against financial complexity.

You can check out the app by yourself on the App Store and Play Store.