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About me

Haven’t we met?

I’m Stéfano Girardelli, let me introduce my self to you!

People usually know me by “the guy who creates logos for friends.

Jokes apart, I’m a Brazilian designer driven by the motivation of building the best products the world ever seen through the passion to understand human behavior.

I’ve already worked on designing a lot of things, some of them were state and federal systems projects for thousands of users, and a particularly a personal project that reached more than 2 million hits in two weeks.

I also need to say that I love joining tech conferences, marathons and philanthropic projects aiming to share experiences and knowledge. That’s why I’d been in Startup Weekends, Hacker Marathons of big companies as PetrobrasBanco do BrasilPif PafUber, Itaú and many others.

Nowadays I’m working as a Product Designer @ Equals S/A and doing tons of personal projects at the same time like shaking the UI / UX community that I’ve idealized in 2017, Uai UX, and other conferences that I’m co-organising like TED x UFLAStartup Weekend Lavras and UX Beer Brasil.

I’m really passionate about my work and maybe that’s why I love to talk about it so much, even on the stage like The Developers Conference and any other raising opportunities.

This is how I work.

1. Understand

At first, on my design process, I always want to learn everything from the problem. This is the moment I use my time to develop researches, interview users and validate the idea to understand what needs to be done.

2. Create

Now that I’m on the same page than my co-workers and we understood our users on the best we can, we’re closer to the real situation. So It’s time to start creating!

At this phase, I like to merge all the points of view and co-create with all the team, especially with the engineers, in order to seek technical viability to develop a great, but lean, solution that works.

I like to be inside of all the process to contribute the more I can, from paper to front-end development.

3. Test

You will never understand if the solution really resolves the problem if you do not test! I use to say that it’s almost impossible to build the perfect solution only based on your feelings, except for those who are extremely lucky, but we need to work as if we were not that kind.

Therefore, it’s time to collect data from our solution by watching users using it, interviewing again, running usability tests, A/B, and surveys. To help with it you can define KPIs like time on task and success rate, overall satisfaction, conversion rate and many more. So you will see that this is definitely the best way to measure the impact of your design.

4ever. Repeat

Once your product is born, it needs to grow and stay in constant evolution. Basically, it’s never done!

The world is changing all the time, and with it things we like, use or do. Our product needs to be at the same pace. Then it’s the perfect moment to go back to the first step and start again to understand and plan what comes next!

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